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In 1945, Deeb Abou Samra launched his jewelry business in Syria where he sold traditional Syrian jewelry within Syria, the Gulf and Europe.

In 1965, Deeb Abou Samra moved with his family to Lebanon where he opened a jewelry wholesale office in the Gold Souk Building located in the Bourj area, currently known as Downtown. Then, in 1970, he opened a retail shop in Dora. However, owing to the unstable security and political situation in Lebanon, the family closed the office in 1973 and the shop in 1980 and moved to Kuwait to explore better opportunities.

Having completed his education abroad, Souheil Abou Samra (2nd generation) joined his father (Deeb) and brother in the jewelry business in 1974 in Kuwait where they had already established a wholesale office and a retail shop. After the youngest brother had joined them, the family opened a new retail shop and their business prospered for years until the Gulf war broke out in 1990. In 1991, Souheil Abou Samra and his family moved back to Lebanon.

In 1994, Souheil opened a retail shop in Bourj Hammoud. Six years later, he moved to a bigger office in Bourj Hammoud as well where he embarked on a business of Gold and Diamond jewelry wholesale.

Following in their father’s footsteps, Deeb, Fahed and Nemer (3rd generation) started training in their father’s office while pursuing their education.In 2010, the three sons decided to expand their business to embrace diamond jewelry retail. With a new concept in mind, the family spared no effort to implement their plan.

On the 27th of December, 2011, the Jdeideh Square witnessed the grand opening of the ALMAS Diamond Jewelry boutique. The three brothers hope this would mark the first step towards opening new branches